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Boundless Explorer

The Boundless Explorer

Fearless of the unknown—open to the sheer magnitude and immensity of the world we live in. There is a time and a place for every wine, red or white, but the best wines are shared.

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Classic Adventurer

The Classic Adventurer

Some things are just meant to be together. Michael Jackson and the moon-walk, Friday nights and fish-fry or a steak with a bold cabernet. Keeping it real with our fan favorites.

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Funky Traveler

The Funky Traveler

For the offbeat, unusual explorer, looking to find that unvisited place. Not afraid of the unfrequented off-the-beaten-path varietal or funky blend.

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Adam and Katrina

Meet your wine travel guides

Hi, we’re the Nomadic Winemakers, Adam & Katrina, the creators of the Nomadic Wine Club. We had a roundabout way of becoming captivated by the wine industry. We got the wine bug back in 2012 with our first wine and cheese shop in Denver, CO. Our curiosity around this fermented beverage blossomed into a full-fledged obsession. We jumped in head first, sold all of our belongings, got a passport, and embarked on our Nomadic Wine Journey. For years we traveled through countless countries as vintage winemakers, crushed tonnes of grapes, filled thousands of barrels, and enjoyed countless wines. Fast forward to today, we finally have a winery and vineyard of our own and want to share our passion for wine, and help find folks that perfect bottle.

That brings us to the Nomadic Wine Club. We want to share the world of wine and be your wine travel guides as we visit the best regions through each bottle; this wine club gives a chance to explore global while embracing local. Through our travels, we've built a network to share fantastic wines and a team that is excited to put together releases that allow you to escape into that glass of vino. So, pack the passport and join us in the nomadic adventure to learn (and drink) wine!

Hosted by LedgeStone Vineyards

LedgeStone Vineyards

LedgeStone Vineyards hosts the Nomadic Wine Club. The vineyard and winery is the club's home base and brings you wine from the cellar and beyond. Specializing in barrel-aged reds and fresh white wines, you'll always find a wine from LSV in your release. When you join the Nomadic Wine Club you become a part of the LedgeStone community.

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