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2019 Kobal Blaufränkisch Sparkling Rose

Apr 16, 2022

WINE: 2019 Kobal Blaufränkisch Sparkling Rose

REGION: Slovenia 

BLEND: Blaufränkisch

ABV: 12%


This is a lovely brut sparkling wine, very fresh, with varietal expression, which is reminiscent of raspberry and strawberry aroma. This sparkling wine is a best companion for parties with good friends, New Year’s celebrations, romantic winter evenings, brunch or hot summer nights. Kobal Sparkling wines are made from perfectly ripe grapes shaped by both old school and modern technological approaches in the cellar. Maceration period of just 4 hours allows the grapes to “bleed”. It is followed by cold fermentation to protect primary varietal aromas. Secondary fermentation begins directly from the grape juice sealed in a special tank. Pressure and effervescence are maintained till the end of fermentation. This approach allows the winemaker to produce fresh, varietal focused, yet sophisticated sparkling wine. This wine is ready to drink immediately after bottling. It is not meant to be aged but will maintain its freshness for at least a year in a bottle. The bouquet is reminiscent of fresh raspberries and strawberries. Pleasant acidity and minerality on the palate are highlighted by the tiny playful bubbles. 


It is suggested to be served at 4 degrees Celsius (39.2F) as an aperitif, or with lobster and shrimp dishes or fruit, especially strawberries! 

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