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2020 Agriolas Costera

Apr 15, 2022

WINE: 2020 Agriolas Costera

REGION: Sardina, Italy

BLEND: Genache

ABV: 14%


When I first tasted this wine, I immediately became excited about it and knew this was the wine that needed to be in the April, spring quarter, wine club release! It shows such sophistication coming from a lesser known wine region of Sardinia, off the Mediterranean Coast of Italy. Cannonau also known as Grenache is widely planted on the island and it is well represented in this wine and produced best by this family of viticulturists and winemakers since 1938. Keeping the tradition of a family-run vineyard winery the newest generation of the Argiolas family has stepped up and continued the reputation of being the best in Sardinia. The Argiolas family is also recognized as Sardinia’s leading wine producer. The kingdom of Aragón ruled Sardinia for 400 years and many of its vines came from Spain, including Bovale Sardo, Carignano, and Cannonau. The island can be divided into three principal viticultural areas: the north, influenced by the marine influence of the Costa Smeralda which specializes in Vermentino; the southwest, where Carignano is at its best; and the Trexenta hills north of the capital of Cagliari featuring Nuragus, Monica, and Cannonau grapes.

On the nose of this wine, you will be impressed by all the red fruit evident with notes of raspberries and cherries. The vibrant fruitiness is balanced with hints of minerality from the area’s soil of Sardinia and has a good palate of just enough acidity, red and blackberry fruit notes, and a smooth finish with hints of spice and oak. Just enough tannin to be enjoyed by itself or with food, the finish lingers just enough to dance across your tongue.


Traditionally, this wine is enjoyed with meats cooked over an open flame, this wine will be just what you are looking for, for your next springtime evening of barbecue with friends. I would also recommend enjoying this wine with a red sauce pasta dish or even lamb chops!

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