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2020 Unico Zelo Pet Nat

Apr 15, 2022

WINE: 2020 Ringbolt Cabernet Sauvignon

REGION: Riverland, South Australia

BLEND: Fiano , Vermentino (Pet Nat)

ABV: 14%


Sea Foam is salty yet refreshing as ever! With notes of pears, green apple, white nectarine and a whiff of grassy freshness. Sea Foam is as close to the pure distillation of Spring that was ever released!

Vegan, Aromatic, lush and joyful are just a few of the buzzwords used to describe this Pet Nat, and who doesn’t love a Petillant Naturel?

Brendan and Lauren Carter are the owners of Unico Zelo as well as the winemakers. These two people have showcased products, like their wine, to the rest of the world that embrace Australian native ingredients and pay homage to the indigenous aboriginal Australians that have maintained the land for thousands of years. A quote from The Carters, “We seek Australian identity in the products we craft and the services we offer. We seek ways to communicate this with an entirely new demographic.

Our hope is that these Australian stories can one-day be heard on a global scale.”

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